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Friday, December 5, 2008

Are old age homes a necessary?

In the modern world, old age homes have emerged as an unavoidable necessity. Even Indians, who boast about their respect for elders, now consider them as a boon in disguise. As globalization was introduced in the Indian scenario the standard of living of an average Indian was raised. A drastic change in the traditional family values was a by-product of this development. Life turned into a never ending struggle for gaining prominence in the society.

In the nuclear family, the husband and wife are more concerned about their career growth and monetary gains. As a result, family has descended into the background of our priorities. Children do not have quality time to spend with their parents. At this moment of crisis old age homes appeared as guardian angels to take care of the deserted parents.

Most of the professionals have discovered old age homes as a practical solution to their problems. But they ignore the fact that their parents value the love and care of their children more than any luxuries in the world. People have no qualms in shedding off their responsibilities to their parents. Most of them forget the numerous sacrifices made by their parents to realize their dreams. Parents always stood as a big wall protecting their children from all the catastrophes of life. The irony is the grown up children consider their parents as a big burden. This is a shameful trend which should not be encouraged.

The solace the parents get from their children cannot be provided by the luxurious facilities in old age homes. Old age homes are a lame excuse to the atrocities done by the children to their aged parents. Parents should be treated like god and they should be cared for when they are lonely and helpless. Our responsibilities to our parents cannot be fulfilled by any old age homes.


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